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My daughter has been suffering with shoulder and neck problems for over 4 years.  We have made so many trips to hospital for MRI scans and have seen numerous specialists none of whom have managed to get to the bottom of the problem.  My daughter was given strong painkillers to alleviate the pain but these had various side effects.  We were recommended to Duncan and we havn't looked back!  My daughter is no longer having to take painkillers which is such a relief and Duncan is very kind, amiable, reassuring and honest about her treatment.  He has made such a difference to her well-being and we are very grateful to him.

From Mrs S of Truro


Without Duncan Scobie, I would be immobile and in constant pain.  Suffering a prolapsed disc in my early twenties, I have lived with at least discomfort since then.   Duncan has been treating me regularly since 1994 and has helped me to maintain a good quality of life.  Recently, after using acupuncture directly into my spine I have been off painkillers for nearly six months which is the first time in 50 years! 

From Mrs D, Helston


I have been seen Duncan over the last 12 years for maintenance of my back problem as I wish to keep my active lifestyle going.   A few years ago I mentioned that I took Gaviscon for stomach problems.  Since then he has also been working on my diaphragm and now I virtually never need to take it at all, for which I am very grateful.

From Mr H, St Keverne


Over the last 8 years I have been bringing my two daughters to the Kernow Pain Clinic so Duncan can treat their various sports injuries.  From backs to knees, ankles to shoulders - he always gets them right and back on track.  Duncan is very reassuring and professional but also great fun which helps enormously.  I would gladly recommend him to anyone.

From Mrs G, Helston


"I am 97 next birthday, and Duncan  comes out to treat me once a month, and I could not do without him ! And I look forward to his visit!"

Mrs H, Coverack.

"I have suffered from dystonia (blepharospasm ) for 25 years now, which means that suddenly my eyes will tightly close and be very difficult to open.  The only treatment offered to me on the NHS was a Botox(the worst poison known to man)  injection every 3 months and which after time the body becomes immune to.

Since I started seeing the cranial osteopath I noticed gradually that my eyes stayed open far more readily.  I now have a treatment with Jodi every 5 to 6 weeks on a maintenance program and I am very happy."

Mrs P – SW Cornwall

I have spent most of my life racing and crashing motorbikes, breaking many bones and taking longer and longer to recover.  I have tried many different physios and chiropractors and the general consensus was I had damaged by back permanently and would just have to live with it.  Jodi came highly recommended and as I had never heard of cranial osteopathy I thought I would give it a go.  Jodi’s treatment is so calm and gentle, 50% of the time I fall asleep on the treatment table.  The following day is tough as my body is implementing the changes and healing Jodi has encouraged it to do but then I am fighting fit again!  From Jodi I now have a far better understanding of how my body works and the back pain is vastly reduced.  I would recommend being open minded about the treatment and you will really appreciate how your body wants to heal.  Hope that all doesn’t sound too hippy!
Not-so-broken John


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